Saturday, September 03, 2011

Starting Algonquin on Tuesday!


SO Sept/6/2011 *Tuesday people* I will be taking Pre-Animation and Illustration at Algonquin College!

NOW! That is a one year certificate program....all well and dandy and it helps you understand the workload that the Animation program will thrust upon you and yours if you so choose this path; lovely as Animation I've heard...i want to be able to take Introduction to Concept Art *for MOSTLY the Environment Design and the Character and Creature Design* BUT the other stuff is awesome would have gotten me ready for the OTHER course i wanted to take which was, Professional Illustration. BUT soon found out that i needed THIS:

Admission Requirements
Program Eligibility

. Two-year college diploma or equivalent education and work experience,plus a
portfolio of sample work.
. A demonstrated ability to operate a computer at a basic level.

WHICH MEANT THAT I WOULD NEED ANIMATION ANYWAY...*well out of all the courses Algonquin College gives you the choice of Animation*Diploma* was the only direction i could really take and still stay in my field of dreams* SOOOOooooooooooo thinking i would have to skip "Introduction to concept art* WHICH i really didn't want to do...either i take Into.To.Concept.Art and the *already paid for*--> pre-animation and illustration course. So now i have those two going..and those are both 1 year EACH so 2 add on 3 more years for the animation and illustration programs....i was looking up to 5 years >
Animation which i was hoping to avoid...because i want to learn to colour and draw..not animate...*which i am SURE you can learn without taking that class* ANYWAY...i then sent an email to the teachers of said courses and asked if there were any "loop holes" i could fall into to avoid Animation..LO and BEHOLD...a VERY nice individual actually told me that they have been rehashing Professional Illustration and actually FUSING IT with Introduction To Concept Art!!!

All for this years September/2011..given..there is a mini strike going on..i hope they get what they want...BUT after my year is up in 2012...the course will have been created, tested, cleaned up, polished *hopefully* and ready for me to take the two courses in one...might i add it's a...2 YEAR DIPLOMA COURSE....BUT it does have 3 semesters for those two that means it will be hard..and lots of work. The creative child in me is feeling like eating a whole tin of "hands off cookies" right about now..... what are the odds?? Seriously?
In any case..i will hopefully be able to post my gross scribbles and daubs that will bloom into something long as i do my homework...ArenaNet - Concept i come; like a polar bear i will be so into your garbage you'll need a giant Mongolian tazer to remove me...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'll leave my rant for the end because i KNOW how aggravating a long intro is when your trying to get to a solution.:

1-Open Firefox.

2-Click on "Bookmarks" Tab.

3-Click on "Organize Bookmarks".

4-Once opened, you should see a yellow star with two green arrows going clockwise just overlapping it. it says "Import and Backup", CLICK IT.

5-Hover over "RESTORE".

6-Choose a date you remember having last seen your "Bookmark/s folder" or whatever other name you gave it, before you deleted it and WHAM the next time you restart Firefox it/they should be back where you had them last. YIPPEE!

So i looked everywhere for a fix and found nothing....or it was beyond me and kind of complicated...considering i installed Windows 7 a few weeks ago and all the solutions "if they worked for those people" all used XP.

I was so firkin relieved that i found out how to do this in a non-painful-easy to get solution i had to share it with anyone who cares.

SO THERE YA GO! My awesome story.

Seriously....i just about pissed my pants i was so happy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Movie Junkie?

Picture this:
Your at the movies you have your popcorn your drink and maybe even a pack of glosset's. Your with your date your friends or even maybe your family, "does that still happen"? Your all ready for the movie you've been waiting to see since you got paid and you finally found someone to babysit. Sitting there all comfortable as the lights start to dim and the curtains open with your eyes securely glued to the screen.
Suddenly a cell phone goes off, a baby starts crying. Thrown by a bunch of misfits in the third row behind you a jujube goes zinging past. You have some sticky god knows what on the bottom of your new shoes and halfway through the movie you curse yourself for buying the one size up drink to get that larger popcorn that you didn't even really want but in some cases, "this being one of them", your spine turns to that stuff you find melting behind a radiator. This murky brown substance doesn't quite describe itself as gum but your sure at one point or another it was possibly living. In turn this phenomenon makes you really bad at saying no to anyone or anything. Judging by the big lines and the people who sigh so loud to tell you in their, "quiet", way for you to hurry up and move along. You really want to say, "no thank you", but to make things go smoother you just say, "gee thanks", and let the mass from behind you ebb it's way up to the cashier who no doubt snickers to their co-workers at how they got you to pay for the extra butter that they probably store in jugs beside the severed horse heads in back. Because of your passive nature you have to pee like an elephant and no...the movie does not have a pause button and like yelling in a library asking the person beside you to bring you up to date just results in a rash of "shushes" or they just can't "recall".
After all that your chair that once housed comfort now slightly resembles a lump of garbage with a towel draped over it. At this point in the movie a smoke sounds like a good idea and if you didn't smoke before you have a real urge to suck the fumes from someones lungs and besides getting out of the theater is half the fun!
Knocking strangers knees stepping on peoples feet, some more sticky stuff somehow latched itself to your favorite shirt. Going down those dimly lit stairs that you have to go slowly down in fear of breaking your neck resulting in the plastic, where those little lights go at the front of the step to make a cracking noise that seems to echo throughout the building causing everyone to stare at, "who's making all the racket"?

SO! If you like or even Love movies but don't want to pay the crazy prices for the eats, don't want to pay for the gas to get there, DON'T want to go out and rent one because it's to hot it's to cold, or your just to cheap and lazy. Whatever it is that stops you from going into your car, taking a bus or just plain walking to your video store or theater THIS site is for you!

Very cool and it works pretty much 90% of the time.

It updates regularly and even has allot of the older movies like Weird Science , ENJOY!
The Link Below is the one you lick...errm i mean click.